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WinSize2 IniScreen
Changing the coordinates and / or the size of a window.

Hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Z

A special hotkey manages all activities of WinSize2. All functions are activated by typing the hotkey once or multiple times or be selecting the function over the icon in the taskbar.

You can:
- store the position and size of any window or overwrite it
- delete the list entry for a window
- or change the Special Parameters.

The hotkey of the English version is the key combination "Strg+Alt+Z". This hotkey can be changed.


Special Parameters

WinSize2 Extras-1
Setting the Hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+Z and other WinSize2 parameters.


WinSize2 Extras-2
Setting different screen sizes, sorting, log messages, ...


WinSize2 Spezial
Seldom used parameters


WinSize2 Group resizes
Resizing groups of windows or single windows again.


WinSize2 Desktop+Netwerk
Save and restore icon positions on the desktop according to the selected screen resolution



The old WinSize and the new WinSize2 project

Once upon a time there was a WinSize which I loved to use for a long time. (The time of Win95, do you remember?) I forgot WinSize for years and then tried to use it again. But all links I'd found for the program were broken and the latest update for WinSize 1.6 beta was from 1998. The only thing I found was that the author of the program had lost his sources at a computer crash and was not willing to reconstruct those.

So I decided - as I needed new features that were not covered by the old WinSize - to write a WinSize2 myself. I started WinSize2 in 2005 as project to learn to use Autohotkey (AHK - and as AHK supplies the OS-interface WinSize2 runs on all OS'es where AHK runs).

By the time WinSize2 grew to be a usable program (which was configured with an editor).
When I published the first editions in 2008 I included a GUI interface for configuration and searched to a good hoster (SourceForge as you know).


Remarks concerning "Virus-Alarm"

Some virus scanner recognize the EXE file as containing a virus. The SourceForge download definitely does not contain any virusses. (An AHK-EXE file contains the source code and appends an executable program which interprets the source and the scanner interprets the source as being a virus.)