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Date Time Library source code library
DOS Doctor more than 140 DOS Batch subroutines ready for use
Timer - Die Zeitschaltuhr starting your computer at a selected time by the BIOS
WinSize2 mode and resize a window automatically
Formula Compiler Source create your own Formula Compiler

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Date Time Library
Source code library with 25 routines for computation of date and time functions since the Gregorian Calendar was introduced on 1582-Oct-15.

The programming language is Autohotkey which can be read and transferred easily to other languages by everyone who can read Pascal, Basic or Fortran.
DOS Doctor

DOS Doctor
more than 140 modular built Windows DOS Batch Subroutines supporting Date and Time handling inclusive error handling, command execution with automatic "Delayed Expansion", subroutines for disk partitions, language detection, string handling and last but not least "debugging" of complex DOS projects ... and a detailed handbook (today 140 pages).

All subs are written in pure DOS Batch command language.
Timer - Die Zeitschaltuhr

Timer Alarmclock
The program "Timer - die Zeitschaltuhr" starts the computer through the (internal) BIOS clock from the shut down state (with mains activated). This means: You select the start time for the computer, start the Timer program (e.g. with "Timer 19:30") and wait for Timer to finish. Timer changes the time of the BIOS system clock. Then you shut down the computer. Instead of 100 W when running the computer only consumes about 5 W in stand by or with a modern main board and power supply just nothing. The BIOS restarts the computer some minutes before 19:30, Windows is loaded and running when the desired time is reached.

The time for boot and start-up of Windows is measured and considered. Windows and a user-program are ready for doing their job when the preselected start time is reached (e.g. a media-center program for recording of a transmission).

Programming language: good old DOS Batch command language (CMD-files) for Windows with few Autohotkey scripts and some external programs (Sysinternals).

As a special feature Timer supports the program lists of DVBViewer 3.8 and later (a TV recording program).

WinSize2 IniScreen
WinSize2 runs under Windows (Win95 or newer)

WinSize2 can move windows automatically to a predefined place and / or Resize the width and/or height to a predefined size.

WinSize2 identifies the Windows to be moved and/or resized by the window's title. Each time the window is opened (new created) WinSize2 compares the title with the internal list of titles. When the window is once opened it will not be moved any more by WinSize2 until it is closed and opened again.

WinSize2 can be started automatically with the logon of a user.

When you Open a window in Special Mode you can direct WinSize2 to send predefined characters to the application (e.g. some Tab characters to set the focus in the window to a special field).

A new version of WinSize2 can be updated by a built in software delivery system. This new version is delivered to all computers attached to the central update directory.
Formula Compiler Source

Formula Compiler Source IniScreen
Formula Compiler Source files for writing or implementing your own compiler.
The programming language of the compiler is Fortran7.

The Formula Compiler can process arithmetic and logical expressions: You can use braces (depth only limited by the working space), standard arithmetic functions like MIN(..), MAX(..) and trigonometric functions: SIN(..), TAN(..) and others as well as logical functions: NOT(..), XOR(..) and others.

  • The standard data type is REAL.
  • Statements IF .. THEN .. ELSEIF .. ELSE .. ENDIF are included.
  • You can use logical expressions with AND OR .. EQ GT ...
  • Several user functions are included "soft wired" in this compiler like threshold, flipflop.
  • Your own functions can be implemented easily.